A strong pedigree

OTI was jointly founded by the Oman Oil Company and the Vitol Group; two formidable forces that have carved a niche for themselves in the global energy market.

OOC Vitol
Oman Oil Company SAOC (OOC)

Oman Oil Company SAOC (OOC) is wholly owned by the government of the Sultanate of Oman. The company was created in 1992 to give the government another vehicle for pursuing investment opportunities in energy and related sectors both inside and outside Oman. Through participation in these projects, OOC plays a key role in the Sultanate’s efforts to diversify the Omani economy while generating Omani and foreign direct investments. The strategy of OOC is to seek to diversify while expanding its income base through long-term opportunities. OOC’s current project portfolio spans across the full energy chain ranging from oil and gas exploration and production to transportation infrastructure and shipping, refining and petrochemicals, aluminium production as well as trading and marketing both in the Sultanate of Oman and internationally.

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The Vitol Group

The Vitol Group was founded in 1966 and grew significantly to become one of the largest traders in the world energy market. The holding company for the Vitol Group, Vitol Holding BV is registered in the Netherlands, while the main trading company, Vitol SA is based in Geneva. At the heart of the Vitol Group is its energy trading business. The trading portfolio includes crude oil, oil products, LNG, natural gas, coal, power, carbon emissions, as well as ethanol, chemicals and methanol, non-ferrous metals and sugar. Vitol trades with all the major national oil companies, the integrated oil majors, as well as the independent refiners and traders.

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OTI key facts

5 years

The short time taken for OTI to position itself as one of the largest offtakers of crude.


OTI is one of the largest traders on the Dubai Mercantile Exchange.

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OTI handles all petroleum products imports and exports on behalf of ORPIC.

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16 million

Amount (in tonnes) of energy products traded by OTI annually.

A Global player
A Global player

OTI’s key role is to trade oil, petroleum products, petrochemicals and carbon emissions in the global market place through its extensive marketing network.

Dubia International Financial Centre

OTI head office located in the Dubai International Financial Centre

OTI Network and Reach
OTI Network and Reach
Building Dynamics

OTI launched in 2006 with a much sought after network of connections and contacts; valuable relationships within Oman and the middle east, alongside a proven worldwide marketing framework. Since then, the company has grown quickly with offices in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and plans to open further offices in the U.S.

OTI is fast becoming a fully fledged trading entity with access to all necessary trading tools, adding value to all stakeholders. In addition to products sourced from Oman, the Company is building sufficient expertise and trading opportunities that would allow it to utilise products regionally and internationally.

Dubai International Financial Centre

OTI’s operations are centred in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) which complements Dubai’s strategic location by offering the business community access to a sophisticated infrastructure that caters to their demands.

OTI’s decision to register in the DIFC was based on many advantages which satisfied OTI’s prerequisites, including operating a central location linking eastern and western markets and having ready access to a highly developed IT and communications infrastructure. The centre also houses the Dubai Mercantile Exchange (DME), in which OTI is an active player – yet another important factor that was taken into consideration for the selection of the DIFC.

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Strategy & Team
Creating an energetic future

OTI possesses a strong client base which it continues to build on. The company’s strategic expansion plans, high standards of professionalism and financial strength firmly position OTI as an established global player.


Staff members of OTI

Promoting stakeholders first

OTI promotes the interests of its stakeholders, which includes customers and trading partners, shareholders and employees.

For customers and trading partners, OTI seeks to establish a strong mutual understanding based on identifying and developing win-win opportunities for the benefits of all involved.

For shareholders, OTI seeks to realise the full value of the joint venture by developing a framework of transparency and trust between the shareholders. OTI is dedicated to maintaining shareholder strength on a steady basis.

Team chart
An international team

OTI’s biggest asset lies in its professional team who represent the main pillar of OTI’s success. The Company continues to invest in world-class trading and management expertise, attracting the best the industry has to offer both locally and internationally.

Our expanding team continually builds on OTI's vast local knowledge and expertise of each unique market. OTI’s objective is to make the company a great place to work.

65 Years

Combined experience of our shareholders

11 countries

Are represented in our multinational team