Petroleum products

A trusted partner to our customers, we have a strong commercial presence in key global trading centres.

OTI is placed as the strategic partner to  Oman Refineries & Petroleum Industries Company  (ORPIC), which owns and operates the only two refineries in Oman. In this capacity, OTI acts as Oman's sole supplier and off-taker of refined products including jet fuel, low Sulphur gasoil and gasoline. 

Acting as the commercial arm of ORPIC, we manage 4.5 million tons of product imports and exports annually. This includes procuring all feed stocks and blend components, as well as trading all finished product exports for the complex.

Our product portfolio is comprised of the following:

  • LPG - Gas produced mainly for domestic use in heating homes and cooking
  • Naptha - Feedstock for the petrochemical industry, used in the production of plastic 
  • Gasoline - Produced to be used in the automotive industry
  • Jet fuel - Produced to be used in the aviation industry
  • Diesel - Used in the automotive and heavy industries 
  • Fuel oil - Used to fuel ships and for power generation
  • Petcoke - Utilised in a number of industries, including cement, glass and aluminium
  • Sulphur - Used across a wide range of industries including fertilizers, non-ferrous metals, pigments, fibres, pharmaceuticals and agricultural pesticides