Our services

Moving energy in large quantities will involve a number of activities including sourcing, storing, transporting, blending and delivering. OTI excels in managing the associated complexities and risks.

Our traders work with an international network of suppliers and trusted business partners with whom we have built strong relationships over many years – allowing us to deliver world class logistics and operations to source, blend and market.

We possess a vast industrial knowledge base, passed down by our founding partners and built upon since our inception. As such, we have expertise right across the value chain, covering everything from sourcing product, logistics and marketing from suppliers to our clients.

Learn more about our business offering from the below.

  • Sourcing

    Our  international  network of partners ensures we can offer and  deliver products on time and on-spec

  • SRC Danny Cornelissen

    Logistics and transportation

    We are firmly involved with the entire value chain including, importantly, transportation  logistics  

  • Marketing

    Our expertise  and understanding of the market allows  us to develop the right blends for our clients