Logistics and transportation

We are firmly involved with the entire value chain including, importantly, transportation  logistics  of products. Our Omani mercantile heritage has lent us a keen awareness of the value of goods and the inherent risks involved in their transportation. 

The experienced chartering team at OTI has access to competitive and flexible shipping and logistics, with a wealth of knowledge covering a myriad of transportation options from tankers to barges, pipes and trucks.

In support of OTI’s global footprint, the group leases more than 300,000m3 (1.9 million barrels) of clean products storage in the port of Sohar.  From this storage, OTI blends multiple grades of gasoline and diesel for the markets it supplies.  In addition to this, OTI leases over 60,000 m3 of Petrochemical tank storage in Rotterdam. This provides the flexibility to supply barges to various downstream contractual counterparties in an efficient and timely manner, increasing the reliability and credibility of Omani product in the European market. We deploy a number of other shipping and logistics strategies including making bulk, breaking bulk and storing for future use.  

Our operations team has built strong relationships with the terminal operators and works closely with them to ensure operations are completed smoothly and efficiently.